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Famous Inventions That Changed The World

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it can be traced back to the first invention that really separated people from animals. From there, things just kept evolving until more inventions completely changed how the globe functioned. Now, there is a big list that can be made about inventions that changed the world.

Controlling And Making Fire

Can anybody really define the huge step humans made when they discovered ways to make fire? It was probably the defining moment in our history and sets the cornerstone for everything that followed.

The wheel is the most obvious second choice because even though it is so incredibly basic, it’s used in so many aspects of life. Imagine life without wheels? You can’t do it.

Then, of course, there’s the compass. Without it, navigation could’ve been a lot more difficult. But also, it’s an invention that took men from one point of the globe to the other.

As time continued automobiles were introduced, making travel even more convenient and quicker. From there it went on to steam engines and ultimately airplanes. Once again ask yourself, what life would be if all these forms of transport fall away?

There’s one invention, in particular, that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it should – concrete. It’s used every single day around the world, and yet, nobody really stops and thinks about who invented it.

Another one of the most important inventions to change the world has to be electricity. Just like when people discovered fire, a whole new world opened up the moment light bulbs started flickering in their homes. This led to radio and television, and quicker ways to communicate over long distances.

When you think about it, there are so many great and practical inventions that go by unnoticed. What is your favorite invention?

Choosing A Patent Law Career

Inventions are protected by law to prevent anyone from reproducing or imitating an inventor’s product. An inventor gains exclusive ownership of his or her invention by applying a patent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If you pursue a career as a patent attorney, your job would be to protect the inventor’s rights against people who are trying to steal his or her ideas as well as protect other property such as their website.

Why Is It A Great Career Path?

First of all, being a patent attorney is probably one of the most exciting jobs in the legal industry because you’re one of the first people that’ll witness an invention. It’s like having a peek into a future that most people haven’t seen yet. The excitement that you’ll feel after seeing a discovery is irreplaceable.

The second reason why a patent law career is a good choice for you is that it allows you to pursue your dream of being a lawyer while applying your technical expertise. It is an intellectually challenging job because you’ll have a different approach in science that is very exciting for someone who is passionate about the law as well.

The salary of a patent attorney is also another reason why you should choose this career. Those who are just starting their career can get paid $24,000 to $33,000 a year as a trainee. The more experience and qualifications you have, the more chances of earning a higher salary that ranges from $50,000 to $60,000 a year. If you eventually become the head in an IP department, you’ll have a huge salary of $100,000 to $250,000+ that still depends on the industry that you’ll work for.

Pursuing a career in patent law may not be easy. You’ll have to prove your patience and skills to become a patent attorney. It may take you a lot of time before you can officially practice in this field, but the hard work that you’ll pour into your studies and career will all be worth it. A patent law career is for those who are ready for a daring job that offers excellent pay as well.

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Three Most Prominent Intellectual Property Disputes

In its simplest term, Intellectual Property or IP refers to inventions of your mind for which exclusive rights are recognized to earn financial benefits from your creations. Favorite IP examples are trademarks, geographical indications, copyrights, patents, industrial designs, and trade secrets.

When you create a million dollar product, preparing it to be introduced to the market, you also need to safeguard your interest in the event some pretty lucrative IP disputes happens. Below are three of the most unforgettable and famous Intellectual Property disputes of all time.

– Adidas America Inc vs. Payless ShoeSource Inc. For almost a decade, Adidas America Inc and Payless ShoeSource Inc ensued a legal battle over Adidas three-stripe logo trademark. In 2009, both parties voluntarily dismissed the suit agreeing to a settlement. Adidas was awarded more than $300 million for damages in the district court but was reduced at the end to more than $30 million due to the economic nature of the complainant’s harm.

– Apple Computer, Inc vs. Microsoft Corporation. A six-year-long legal dispute was filed by Apple Computer against Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard seeking to stop the selling of computers with similar features to Apple’s Mcintosh OS. In 1989, the judge ruled against Apple Computer as the case begun from similarities in licenses. However, it caused bad relations between the giant companies until the year 1997 when both agreed to work together and signed a patent cross-licensing agreement.

– Mattel Inc vs. MGA Entertainment Inc. Barbie and the exotic Bratz dolls Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin made some pretty long-standing legal disputes about designs and trades secrets. In a nutshell, a former Mattel employee resigned and created the puffy-lipped Bratz dolls. Mattel then started the IP conflicts in the premise that the designer was still employed by the company when he came up with the design. Claims, counterclaims, rulings, and some reversal of rulings after, the dispute has ended with zero damages to both parties.

The three cases above are just some of the many legal IP disputes that have made waves across the globe. The moral lesson of these stories? Always aim to be protected with your creative designs. Besides safeguarding your immediate concerns, registered IP rights also seek to shield your future financial interests.

Patent Problems – Famous Copyright Infringement Cases

They say that the path of genius is often strewn with potential pitfalls. However, in some cases, these pitfalls are really self-created. For many the path to fame and fortune are build on the backs of genius – unfortunately, that genius was not their own.When it comes to appropriating the intellectual property of others things can get very nasty – very quickly.

Here are some examples of why a patent or copyright attorney can be your best protection against the misappropriation of your own intellectual property and hard work.

1. Ice Ice Baby.

Vanilla Ice hit the headlines in 1991 when his song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ took both the world charts and the club scene by storm. There was, however, a problem. Mr. Ice did not credit the fact that he had extensively sampled the song ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen and David Bowie. Although he initially denied the accusation he eventually admitted that he had used the samples. The case was settled out of court.

2. Hope(less).

In the run-up to the first election of Barack Obama in the United States, a savvy artist by the name of Shephard Fairey created the now famous ‘Hope Poster’. A simple design using a limited palette of colors it soon rallied voters to the Democratic cause. But the image was based on a photograph taken by Associated Press as one shot by Associated Press freelancer Mannie Garcia. The AP demanded its slice of the proceeds from the sale of a variety of items. Fairey claimed ‘Fair Use’ as the work did not devalue the worth of the original image. The case was settled out of court.

Without a sharp eye and a sharper mind, your intellectual property is at the mercy of those who want to make a quick buck at your (literal) expense. Get yourself a patent attorney to make sure your products are safe.

Weather In Orange County

Orange County is in the heart of California and is one of the most beautiful places in America.

For those who are wondering how the weather is in this part of the nation and how it might be when they travel, it’s time to take a look.

Here is more on how the weather is in this region.

70& Bright and Sunny

For most people, Orange County is about the sun.

It is sunny for 70% of the year. Sometimes, the number rises and a year produces, even more, sun than expected. This says it all about how the weather is in the heart of Orange County. In most cases, when a person looks up into the sky, they are going to see a few clouds and nothing else.

Minimal Rain

Does it rain a lot in Orange County?

No, it does not. There is minimal rain in the area, and that is ideal for those who want to make sure they are not being drenched year-round.

Moderate Summers

The summers aren’t as hot as they can get in Florida or Texas. They are bearable and in most cases “moderate” making it nice to go outside in the afternoon. Those who prefer to sit on the beach don’t have to worry about the sun beating down on them at scorching temperatures.

The evenings are even better as the sun goes away, but the calming warmth remains. It is something people adore about Orange County more than any other part of California.

This is how the weather is in Orange County for those who are thinking about moving over or visiting. It is one of those beautiful places that has a number of attractions, and the weather is good. It is the ideal spot for those who want to settle in.

Important Benefits Of Hiring A Patent Lawyer

A patent attorney will save time and money for patient applicants and provide peace of mind at the same time. Before you present a product, process, or improve an existing product, you should obtain a patent for the specific product in order to exclude others from presenting an identical product or service. A good patent attorney will ensure that the patent process is completed and a patent is issued to your product or service and that there is no liability. Here are some of the important benefits of hiring a patent lawyer.

Applying for a patent is not the best DIY project out there. An applicant taking this route will have to encounter a series of challenges in the process. The patent law is the United States is often complex and confused. That’s why you need the service of a reputed and experienced patent attorney to apply for a patent in the United States. Patent attorneys are highly skilled and educated on the subject matter. They have to graduate from an accredited law school and pass a daylong exam administered by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Lawyers who pass the examination will register with the USPTO. Hence, the USPTO maintains a register of all members of the Patent Bar in the US. You can find a good patent attorney by visiting This is the best way to find a reliable patent attorney in the area. You can easily search them by firm, city, attorney name, zip code, and state.

In conclusion, patent law in the United States is quite complicated and confusing at times. That’s why you need the services of a reliable patent lawyer when filing for a patent in the United States. The aforementioned article provides information on some of the important benefits of a patent attorney.

How Many Cities Are In Orange County & What Is It Like There?

There are quite a few cities in Orange County, including four that double the minimum requirements to be a metropolis. Those are just four of the many cities, so that is just testament to how big the OC is for sure. If you look at national rankings for counties and population, it comes in at #6. And then you look statewide in California, and it comes in at #2, behind the Bay Area.

So what cities are in the OC? Let’s start with the four cities mentioned that have a population double the metropolis requirements. They are Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana and Irvine. A popular favorite city in Orange County, however, is Newport Beach. It is also a very affluent part of Orange County; however, the entire county is known to be upscale.

Laguna Beach and San Clemente are two other cities in Orange County. Laguna Beach is, of course, one of the more popular areas of the county, too. What if you were told that those seven cities were still just about a quarter of the cities that are in Orange County? That’s right, as there as said to be a total of 34 cities. That is quite a few, and then you also have to think about the fact that this county is part of a larger metropolitan area as well.

California doesn’t play around, does it? That’s a state with many large counties, and Orange County is certainly one of them. Fullerton is another one of the cities there, and did you know that Disneyland is located in Orange County, too? You will also find the Santa Ana River there. With 34 cities in the county, you are surely going to find quite a lot to do. You can be sure about that, especially if you venture over to Newport Beach.

What Is A Trademark?

Are you looking for ways to distinguish your goods or services from the rest in the market? Well, that’s where a trademark comes in handy. Your company’s signature or logo can serve as a graphic trademark that protects your brand by restricting other people from using it. As long as you renew it every 10 years, a trademark can last indefinitely.

Why Is It Important?
• Gaining Exclusivity: If you’re looking to gain legal exclusivity for using your logo or name, then registering for a trademark is the way to do it. That way, any other business with the intent of using the same name for their trading purposes can be prevented from doing so.

• Geographical Coverage: Once you have registered a trademark, you can enjoy a nation-wide coverage instead of the rights restricted to specific regions. On the other hand, if you’re looking to expand globally, you can do so by obtaining trading rights from other countries effortlessly.

• Preventing Infringement Claims: if you’re using a trademarked name or logo for your transactions, you can completely protected from any infringement claims that might arise from unfair use of the same trademark. Basically, you will not be infringing on the rights of other traders by using the name or logo.

• Capturing The Value Of Your Products Or Services: if you have a registered trademark, you can increase the value of your brand to the potential purchasers and clients. Basically, they would be willing to pay a lot more for the goodwill that your trademarked name has created since it has been in operation.

• Co-operation From Third Parties: If you have registered specific keywords, Google and other search engines can protect other businesses from using the same on their websites. The same cooperation comes in handy if you’re involved in an infringement case.

If you need more information then we highly advise contacting attorneys that are knowledgeable in intellectual property law or watch the following video:

How Can I File A Patent?

Have you come up with an idea for an invention? If you’ve created something amazing, you’ll want to patent that idea as soon as possible. You won’t have the rights to your invention until after a patent has been filed and approved.

Obtain An Application

You won’t be able to file a patent until after you have obtained a patent application. You can pick up this form from a patent office, or you can obtain it online. Once you have your application, you should spend some time reading it over. Patent applications are complex, and you’ll want to be familiar with the questions on the application.

Describe Your Invention Accurately

When you complete your application, you are going to be asked to describe your invention. You will need to go into as much detail as possible. Don’t leave anything out. The application should include written information as well as diagrams.

You may want to work with a patent lawyer during this time. They will make sure that your application says what it needs to say. You don’t want to leave anything out. If you do leave something out, you may not be able to successfully profit off of your invention in the future.

Pay The Fee

You will have to pay a fee when you file your application. You should be ready to pay this fee. Do some research so that you know what you are going to have to pay. Don’t let the cost of the application catch you off guard.

Do you want to file a patent? If you do, you’ll want to get started as soon as possible. The sooner you file your application, the better. Once your application has been approved, you can work to make your invention into a reality.

What Types Of Work Can Be Copyrighted?

A copyright refers to the legal right awarded to the inventor or originator to publish, film, record or perform any literary material or to authorize other individuals to do the same. Here are some of the types of works that can be copyrighted according to David Blair, a lawyer based in Denver:

• Literary Works: Here any literature materials are protected. These include blog posts, newspaper articles, books and much more.

• Musical Works: Any musical notations of any kind are covered here. If you have created any unique guitar notes, you can always add a copyright to protect them accordingly.

• Dramatic Works: These include TV scripts, screenplays and plays.

• Choreographic Works: Mime performances, ballet dances and any other types of dance can be copyrighted.

• Graphic, Pictorial And Sculptural Works: These include photographs, drawings, digital illustrations and paintings.

• Motion Pictures And Audiovisual Works: Live webcasts, movies, video podcasts and slideshows can be copyrighted. Anything in VHS tape, a digital file or a 35mm film is covered under this section.

• Sound Recordings: As mentioned above, the musical notes used to create a song are protected but the actual recording of the song can be copyrighted separately. The two categories are distinct from each other because all recordings can’t be classified as music. For instance, speeches, audio books and sound effects are sound recordings that can’t be copyrighted under musical works because they don’t qualify as music.

• Architectural Works: Here, the copyright protects the design of the building, the blueprints, the drawings of the building and the building itself. The copyright in this section doesn’t protect the standard habitable features of the building or the utilitarian aspects as well.

When seeking the copyrights in any of the following sections, you can always hire an attorney with experience in this sector to make the entire process effortless. Alternatively, you can always do the whole thing on your own and save a lot on legal fees.

For more information on what is a copyright, please watch this video: