Copyright Vs. Trademark

A business has a financial picture that includes the amount of money made each year plus the amount of assets it holds. Some of these assets may be called intellectual property. If a company discovers that someone else is using their intellectual property without their consent then they can utilize the protection of either a trademark or a copyright.

Intellectual property includes symbols, designs, processes, and works that were created and thereby owned by a particular company. It can also include written documents, artistic works, slogans, or logos. If a company wants to make sure that these intellectual properties are protected then they will need to register the specific intellectual property¬†with the United States trademark and patent office or the United States copyright office. Which office that they choose to register will all depend upon the type of intellectual property the company is wanting to protect. During this process, it’s best to consult with an intellectual property attorney to ensure you are taking the proper steps, whether you are filing in California, New York City or Dallas, Texas.

A copyright protection will protect original works including musical, artistic, dramatic, literary, and certain others. A trademark will protect names, words, symbols, colors, or sounds that will distinguish a service or goods with a company. This simply means that a company can register a trademark for its companies logo, name, or slogan. Before a company can register a trademark they will need to do a trademark search. A trademark search will guarantee that there is no one else using a previously established trademark for what they are now trying to register.

It is true that both a trademark any copyright will protect intellectual property. However, each one will protect different types of assets. A copyright is primarily used for artistic and literary works such as for a video, song or book. A trademark, on the other hand, is primarily used to help define a particular brand of a company such as a logo.

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