Famous Inventions That Changed The World

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it can be traced back to the first invention that really separated people from animals. From there, things just kept evolving until more inventions completely changed how the globe functioned. Now, there is a big list that can be made about inventions that changed the world.

Controlling And Making Fire

Can anybody really define the huge step humans made when they discovered ways to make fire? It was probably the defining moment in our history and sets the cornerstone for everything that followed.

The wheel is the most obvious second choice because even though it is so incredibly basic, it’s used in so many aspects of life. Imagine life without wheels? You can’t do it.

Then, of course, there’s the compass. Without it, navigation could’ve been a lot more difficult. But also, it’s an invention that took men from one point of the globe to the other.

As time continued automobiles were introduced, making travel even more convenient and quicker. From there it went on to steam engines and ultimately airplanes. Once again ask yourself, what life would be if all these forms of transport fall away?

There’s one invention, in particular, that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it should – concrete. It’s used every single day around the world, and yet, nobody really stops and thinks about who invented it.

Another one of the most important inventions to change the world has to be electricity. Just like when people discovered fire, a whole new world opened up the moment light bulbs started flickering in their homes. This led to radio and television, and quicker ways to communicate over long distances.

When you think about it, there are so many great and practical inventions that go by unnoticed. What is your favorite invention?

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