Five Facts About Orange County California

California is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world, and that includes Orange County.

This illustrious region is gorgeous, fun, and filled with great people who have loads of time year-round. They’re a passionate bunch, and that’s what makes it a special place to be.

Here are five of the most important facts to know about Orange County in California.

1) First Place of Contact For Pirates

Bouchard had navigated from Argentina looking for new land, and that is when he came to the shores of Orange County. He wanted to claim the land for his nation (Argentina) and felt it was a good fit in the 1800s. The locals were able to fend them off, and they ran away to look for other parts of the nation.

2) Home of the Buffalo Ranch

There used to be a gorgeous buffalo ranch in the region, which is now located in Newport Beach. As a sign of the ranch’s past, there is a beautiful buffalo that sits at Bison Avenue now.

3) Regarded As California’s “Wild West”

Back in the 1800s, there were many people who called this California’s wild west because of how many horse thieves resided in the region. It was a common sight at the time with numerous deadly shootouts.

4) Wealthiest Part of California

Orange County is home to wealthy families, and that is why it has a robust presidential past as well with Nixon having resided in the area.

The median income is higher in Orange County than the national and state average.

5) Most Densely Populated Area in the US

With 3,800 people per square mile, Orange County is home to a lot of people, and this number continues to rise due to the great weather and living conditions.

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