Orange County: The Movie

Without ever having personally been to Orange County, California before, the OC has a special place in many people’s heart. That is because Orange County is one of the funniest movies of all time was filmed right there in Orange County. You can’t get any better than that, a film with the county name branded right on it, and boy does that movie have a powerful coming of age message with a hilarious comedic twist. Orange County starred Tom Hank’s son, too, and Jack Black, before either one of them had huge careers.

The movie is centered around Colin Hank’s character, and he is about to be in college. He wants to be a writer, and he thinks that he needs to study at an Ivy League School away from his family to make that happen. He embarks upon a journey throughout the film to help ensure he gets into the school. While the story is building at this point, interject a ton of comedy. This movie is absolutely hilarious.

The entire reason he needed to travel to Stanford is because of a mistake that the school counselor made. He does get to meet his hero so to speak, a professional writer and professor that teaches at Stanford. The professor credits him for his writing ability, citing his love for the characters coming out of the story. The list of dysfunctional characters including Colin himself is quite long, but it paints a theme that we are all imperfect.

Colin thought his home and his family in Orange County was lacking something. What he ended up realizing is that people are our home, and that love and his foundation are what gave him the real stories to tell as a writer. There’s no other movie that represents what Orange County is all about: beaches, family, love, and art.

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