What Types Of Work Can Be Copyrighted?

A copyright refers to the legal right awarded to the inventor or originator to publish, film, record or perform any literary material or to authorize other individuals to do the same. Here are some of the types of works that can be copyrighted according to David Blair, a lawyer based in Denver:

• Literary Works: Here any literature materials are protected. These include blog posts, newspaper articles, books and much more.

• Musical Works: Any musical notations of any kind are covered here. If you have created any unique guitar notes, you can always add a copyright to protect them accordingly.

• Dramatic Works: These include TV scripts, screenplays and plays.

• Choreographic Works: Mime performances, ballet dances and any other types of dance can be copyrighted.

• Graphic, Pictorial And Sculptural Works: These include photographs, drawings, digital illustrations and paintings.

• Motion Pictures And Audiovisual Works: Live webcasts, movies, video podcasts and slideshows can be copyrighted. Anything in VHS tape, a digital file or a 35mm film is covered under this section.

• Sound Recordings: As mentioned above, the musical notes used to create a song are protected but the actual recording of the song can be copyrighted separately. The two categories are distinct from each other because all recordings can’t be classified as music. For instance, speeches, audio books and sound effects are sound recordings that can’t be copyrighted under musical works because they don’t qualify as music.

• Architectural Works: Here, the copyright protects the design of the building, the blueprints, the drawings of the building and the building itself. The copyright in this section doesn’t protect the standard habitable features of the building or the utilitarian aspects as well.

When seeking the copyrights in any of the following sections, you can always hire an attorney with experience in this sector to make the entire process effortless. Alternatively, you can always do the whole thing on your own and save a lot on legal fees.

For more information on what is a copyright, please watch this video:

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