What Are Dr. Salvatore Pais’s UFO Patent Experiments?

Every once in a while we hear about a specific patent that leaves us scratching our heads — in a legal sense, anyway. Not everything can be patented. For example, theories, ideas, laws of nature, etc. None of these things can be patented. They cannot be owned. If you want to patent an “idea” you need to provide the structure for that idea, such as when an author writes a story. The initial concept can’t be owned, but the author owns the story he put into place based on that concept.

If it sounds difficult to understand, that’s because it is. Lawyers and judges have struggled to untangle patent laws since almost the exact moment they were put into law.

So when we hear about a “UFO patent” it’s not surprise that people start wondering: What is that — and can anyone really patent it?

Dr. Salvatore Pais’s body of work contributed to what we now know as the “Pais Effect,” which is a theoretical concept that could one day allow us to generate power for or propel spaceships. Okay, but we already said theories cannot be patented. And they can’t. But Dr. Pais and others have spent countless hours trying to make sense of his High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator (HEEMFG) experiments. And the HEEMFG isn’t a theory or concept — it’s a structure based on them. That means it can be part of a patent.

And while it might sound like work based on extraterrestrial technology, that’s not the reason it’s called the UFO patent. The Navy adopted that name because the weird science on which it’s based is widely considered to be UFO-like. It’s futuristic. It’s cool. 

Recently, Dr. Pais patented plans for a fusion reactor — and one that could fit inside a car at that. While the HEEMFG experiments have reportedly ended, his next venture could be even more interesting!

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