What Is A Trademark?

Are you looking for ways to distinguish your goods or services from the rest in the market? Well, that’s where a trademark comes in handy. Your company’s signature or logo can serve as a graphic trademark that protects your brand by restricting other people from using it. As long as you renew it every 10 years, a trademark can last indefinitely.

Why Is It Important?
• Gaining Exclusivity: If you’re looking to gain legal exclusivity for using your logo or name, then registering for a trademark is the way to do it. That way, any other business with the intent of using the same name for their trading purposes can be prevented from doing so.

• Geographical Coverage: Once you have registered a trademark, you can enjoy a nation-wide coverage instead of the rights restricted to specific regions. On the other hand, if you’re looking to expand globally, you can do so by obtaining trading rights from other countries effortlessly.

• Preventing Infringement Claims: if you’re using a trademarked name or logo for your transactions, you can completely protected from any infringement claims that might arise from unfair use of the same trademark. Basically, you will not be infringing on the rights of other traders by using the name or logo.

• Capturing The Value Of Your Products Or Services: if you have a registered trademark, you can increase the value of your brand to the potential purchasers and clients. Basically, they would be willing to pay a lot more for the goodwill that your trademarked name has created since it has been in operation.

• Co-operation From Third Parties: If you have registered specific keywords, Google and other search engines can protect other businesses from using the same on their websites. The same cooperation comes in handy if you’re involved in an infringement case.

If you need more information then we highly advise contacting attorneys that are knowledgeable in intellectual property law or watch the following video:

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