When And Why You Should File A Patent

Congratulations on coming up with a new invention. The next thing you need to do is to file a patent with a patent attorney. There are a few things that can help you decide when and why you need to file a patent.

Why Is A Patent Important?

First, a patent will protect your product idea. Secondly, you can protect your investment by blocking other entrepreneurs from entering your product category. That way, you can protect any duplicate products.

On the other hand, filing a patent might not be a good idea especially if the income from the product or idea costs less than the patent application fees. You need to evaluate the idea thoroughly before filing for the patent to make sure that you will not lose any money once the product or idea is launched.

How To File A Patent

• Search the USPTO to make sure your idea hasn’t been patented already.
• Look for a good patent attorney. The patent application process is quite overwhelming for a beginner. Therefore, find an attorney who has handled the same tasks previously and can take you through the whole application you need.

• Determine the type of patent you need and file your patent in the right category. Research the various categories available and make the right choice for your new idea to avoid any rejections.

• File a provisional patent application to make sure you’re protected in the event that someone claims that they had the same idea before you. A provisional patent works perfectly for works-in-progress or in the event that the idea changes midway before completion.

• Gather more information for your formal patent application. Thereafter, you should review and complete the patent application. If there are any missing details in the application, your patent application might be rejected.

Use this information to determine the validity of your new idea and whether or not you should file a patent.

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